The suggestion that one "study" the Bible, and join a group to do so, conjures up different images and reactions. Why "study" the Bible when our religious activity is largely Sunday services that are based on a marvellous selection of Scriptural passages? And we gather and meet with other Christians on Sunday! Good point and for some that will be sufficient in meeting their needs.

But for others, a disciplined approach to looking further into the Scriptures, including passages that are read in church, is a meaningful way to enhance understanding. When the scriptures are studied outside of church services, it is usually entire books that are addressed over a determined period of time. The historical setting might be reviewed. References are examined to see the origins of quotations and their contexts. And the passages are tested for their application in our lives today. At the same time, closer relationships are formed between members of the study group throughout. When those in attendance study the Scriptures more closely, it soon becomes apparent that we are called to regular reading of Scriptures, regular prayer, meditation to listen for Godís leading and to express our concern for others we should now treat as our "neighbours".

St. Peters has Bible Study Fellowship Groups that meet regularly throughout most of the year. There is the one that meets on Wednesday evenings, and another that meets on Thursday afternoons. You can find out more about these groups below.

There may also be others who would like to set up a new small group. Assistance for this purpose is available through the church office.

Wednesday Evening Bible Study Group

This group meets in the homes of some of its members during the months of September through June. The location of each meeting varies according to the schedules of the hosting members. The location of next week's meeting is determined at the end of this week's meeting. All meetings begin at 7:15PM and end at 9:00PM.

  • - The group gathers at 7:15PM for fellowship and the sharing of coffee, tea, and snacks.

  • - At 7:30PM, following a brief opening prayer, the Bible Study gets underway led by a member of the group. Members are not required to lead, but are encouraged to volunteer to do so, if they feel so moved. A study guide book that is selected prior to the start of each new study topic (once or twice per year, depending upon the length of the chosen Bible book) is used to provide background information and to pose study-related questions. The study portion of the evening typically lasts about one hour.

  • - At approximately 8:30PM, specific prayer requests are solicited from the members by the leader for that evening, and a period of extemporaneous prayer follows that lasts until 9:00PM. Members of the group pray silently, or pray aloud, if they are so moved.

For more information (and to find out the location of the next meeting), please contact Henry or Judy Knight at (905) 377-9156.

Thursday Afternoon Bible Study Group

This group meets in the Sabins Room at the church every Thursday during the months September through May.

1:30 pm Gathering (tea, catching up on past week)

2:00 pm Group prayer (as inspired by gathering conversations)

2:05 pm Reading and studying of the lectionary readings for the upcoming Sunday

3:30 pm Cleanup and home

This group has been in existence for at least 20 years. Currently the membership includes 18 women from all walks of life ranging in age from 50 to 80. Men have been a part of the group in the past and are more than welcome.

We try hard to respect each other’s differences and enjoy an atmosphere of learning in which no question is considered too simple or irrelevant. A wide range of life experiences and religious traditions mean that we have a wealth of ideas and insights each week to share.

For more information contact Alison Keenan (905) 373-1809