St. Peter's Ministry Clusters

The St. Peter's Lay Leadership team is comprised of six wardens, each overseeing a different "Ministry Cluster". Individual ministries within a cluster have their own Ministry Coordinators. Among other things, the warden's job is to support the ministries within their clusters and facilitate communication.

Please note that the clusters, and ministries within each, are in no particular order.

Ministry Clusters / Wardens Overview

Ministry Cluster Assigned Warden
Finance, Stewardship & Parish Growth Ward McCance
Staff, Leadership Development & Volunteer Engagement Lisa Bailey
Property Ken Willcocks
Christian Education & Worship Joe Peristy
Fellowship & Communication Rick Nelson
Health & Healing, Outreach, and Social Justice & Advocacy Colleen Simon

Ministry Cluster: Finance, Stewardship & Parish Growth
Warden: Ward McCance (E-mail:

Ministry Ministry Coordinator E-mail Address
Finance Committee TBD
Collection Counters Ken Ledgard
Stewardship Joe Peristy
Patricia Perkin
Investment Committee Doug Beauchamp
Parish Growth Team Howard Goodfellow
Dorothy Delisle
Parish promotion Liz McCaughey
Connections Committee Pauline Cyr
Greeters Bert MacMillan
Community Presence Pauline Cyr

Ministry Cluster: Property
Warden: Ken Willcocks (E-mail:

Ministry Ministry Coordinator E-mail Address
Property Team - St. Peter's Church Pete Notter
264 College St (Grey House) Art Clarry ---
Gardeners Pauline Cyr
Rectory Preservation Mark Perkin
St Peter's Court Rick Stinson-Chair
Cemetery Board Brenda Cochrane

Ministry Cluster: Fellowship & Communications
Warden: Rick Nelson (E-mail:

Ministry Ministry Coordinator E-mail Address
Fundraising Dinners Brenda Cochrane
Men's Christian Fellowship Club
Women of Faith Alison Keenan pearlk9@sympatico
Youth Dianne Dennis
Thursday Coffee/Tea  Nancy Marshall
Friends @ 10 Karen Goodfellow
Tuesday Breakfast Kay MacLeod
Mary & Martha Karen Peters
Naomi Erica Beauchamp
Sunday Coffee Hour
Book Sale Stan Maggs
Communications Team Barbara Nelson (Interim)
Keymail Kay MacLeod
Keynotes - Editor Jim Weller
- Advertising Bruce Simpson ---
- Distribution Fred Welling

Ministry Cluster: Staff & Leadership Development / Volunteer Engagement
Warden: Lisa Bailey (E-mail:

Ministry Ministry Coordinator E-mail Address
Notice Boards Daphne King
Bert MacMillan
Office Volunteers Eunice Cole
Advisory Board Suzanne Lawson
Leadership Development and Volunteer Enablement (LDVE) Team Pat Weller
Screening in Faith Nancy Marshall
Natural Church Development (NCD) Alison Keenan pearlk9@sympatico

Ministry Cluster: Christian Education & Worship
Warden: Joe Peristy (E-mail:

Ministry Ministry Coordinator E-mail Address
Advent Conference Suzanne Lawson
Bible-Study-at-Home Mary Lou Adams
Henry Knight
Bible Study Group Alison Keenan
Bible 365 Challenge Suzanne Lawson
Margot Holmes
Area Day Helen Notter
Library/Resource Centre    
Deanery Education Committee Suzanne Lawson
Church School Jan Stapleton
Vacation Bible School Jan Stapleton
Pre-School Board Liz McCaughey
Organist and Choir Director Glenn Keefe
Adult Choir Kay MacLeod
Handbell Choirs Mark Wagshal
Junior Choir Christina Ferreri
Steeple Chimes Mark Wagshal
Sing & Ring Marta Burt
Worship Advisory Committee Judy Herron-Graham
Lay Eucharistic Min. and Anointers Pauline Cyr
Meditation Linda McCance
Shirley Desborough
Chalice Bearers Heather Godfrey
Chancel Guild Erica Beauchamp
Carol Fisher
Prayer Ministry and Alongsiders Donna Brotherhood
Readers John Winkworth
Sidespeople Doug Lloyd
Scouts Mary Edwards

Ministry Cluster: Health & Healing, Outreach, Social Justice & Advocacy
Warden: Colleen Simon (E-mail:

Ministry Ministry Coordinator E-mail Address
Christmas Hampers Bruce Simpson ---
FaithWorks John Lindsay
Crisis Fund Cameron Cochrane
Mzuzu - Chair Colin Turnpenney
- Treasurer Heather Godfrey
Pikangikum Support Mary Lou Adams
NeighbourLink Pat Weller
Outreach - Local Pat Weller
SouperTime Pat Weller
Summer Sandwiches PamArchibald
Health & Healing Nancy Marshall
Foot Clinic Diane Froncz
Food Bank/Drivers Nancy Marshall
Hospital volunteers Karen Li
Transport Manager Pauline Cyr
Parish Nurse Karen Li
Pastoral Care Currently no chair
Circle of Hope (Cancer Support) Nancy Marshall
Casseroles for Parish Nurse freezer Michael Desborough
Dental hygiene Fran Richardson
Used Hearing Aids Pat Weller
Used Postage Stamps Pat Weller
Used Eyeglasses Pat Weller
Shawls & Knitting June Tink
Janet Baillie
Health & Healing Education Initiatives Karen Goodfellow
Women Helping Women June Tink