As part of the Health and Healing Ministry of St Peter's, the Health Cabinet supports the Parish Nurse, Karen Li, various Caring Teams, exercise programs and our Pastoral Visitors. Also, we host various information sessions for our parish dealing with a wide variety of topics. As a member of Inter Church Health Ministries (ICHM), we offer courses for our parishioners related to Health and Healing Issues.

The Health Cabinet consists of 12 parishioners; Nancy Marshall serves as its Chair.

St. Peter's was one of the first parishes in the Diocese of Toronto to implement a Parish Nursing program. Since it commenced in 1998 with our first parish nurse Margaret Grepe R.N, followed by Diane Froncz R.N., and now under Karen Li R.N., it has become a very significant component of parish life.

While no 'hands-on' nursing is provided by this ministry, it has proven invaluable in advising parishioners on a very wide range of issues relating to health and healing. It operates under the overall direction of a Health Cabinet, and is an integral part of a broadly-based Pastoral Care team.

What is a Parish Nurse?

The Parish Nurse Ministry is rooted in the beginning of Christianity. The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke outline the work of the Disciples as preaching, teaching, and healing. In recent years, the care of the sick has become institutionalized and largely separated from the healing ministry of the Church.

Parish Nursing reclaims the healing portion of the Christian mandate, where faith is central to the whole process. Registered nurses working with the clergy and parishioners provide that link.

What Does the Parish Nurse Do?

The Parish Nurse assists parishioners in health and healing through:


Education is incorporated into existing programs of the church, emphasizing the relationship between faith and health.


Individuals and/or families are assisted in accessing the health care system regarding their needs.


The Parish Nurse visits in homes, nursing homes, and hospitals, and is a clinical resource and support to all lay visitors who provide spiritual and social care.


A confidential environment is provided for parishioners to explore health concerns, difficulties, and dissatisfaction in terms of faith, lifestyle changes, and community resources.

The Parish Nurse works with the health cabinet and is accountable to the church corporation.


“Lord, Grant your healing grace to all who are sick, injured, or disabled, that they may be made whole”.

Visit our Health Education page for more healthy advice from our Parish Nurse.

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