Churchwardens Team 2015-2016

There are six Wardens at St. Peter's Anglican Church.  The Rector appoints the three Rector's Wardens and the People's Wardens are elected by the people at the annual vestry meeting.   In all cases, possible candidates go through the Nominations Committee (Leadership Development), which includes consultation by the Rector and Wardens.  Two wardens stand for the Corporation but otherwise all six are equal.  The churchwardens are responsible for the staff, property and finances of the parish, and also have oversight of the various church ministries, which have been grouped into "Ministry Clusters".

Ward McCance, Rector's Warden (Corporation)
Cluster: Finance, Stewardship, and Parish Growth
Lisa Bailey, Rector's Warden
Cluster: Staff, Leadership Development, Volunteer Engagement
Joe Peristy, Rector's Warden
Cluster: Christian Education and Worship
Ken Willcocks, People's Warden (Corporation)
Cluster: Property
Rick Nelson, People's Warden
Cluster:  Fellowship and Communication
Colleen Simon, People's Warden
Cluster: Health & Healing, Outreach, Social Justice & Advocacy

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